Power-pack 4.6.0 – Coming Soon

November 30, 2018 | Productivity, Release Notes

We're taking a page out of the playbooks of large software companies and creating a 2019 product launch event.  Except ours will last a whole quarter instead of just one day.  The launch event will see new us introducing new add-ons as well as upgrades to existing ones.  And it will all revolve around a new release of the core Awesome Support plugin.

The Power-pack add-on is among the existing ones that will be getting a number of new features and a minor bump in the version number.   Here are some of the new and updated features you can look forward to:

Users Can Now Enter Additional Email Addresses On The Front-End

Ticket users can now add additional email addresses on the front-end for each ticket.  These users will receive user level notifications for ticket activity - this includes notifications of replies by agents and notifications when the ticket is closed.

The option to add additional email addresses to a ticket will be available under the new NOTIFICATIONS button that is being introduced in Awesome Support 5.9.0.

Max Open Tickets

You can now restrict the maximum number of open tickets on a user-by-user basis.  If a value is entered in the user profile, it overrides the default value on the TICKETS->SETTINGS tabs.

Security Integration With Advanced Reports and Statistics

Power-pack includes an awesome security module for agents that allows admins to restrict which tickets an agent can view in the ticket list.  Now, this module can be used by the Advanced Reports add-on to restrict which tickets can be included in the data-set used for the reports.

New Label Options

Awesome Support 5.9 introduces a new field called TICKET TYPES.  You can now set the label for this field:

Other Updates

  • The add-on now requires Awesome Support 5.8.1 / 5.9.0
  • Fix: Do not show the BULK CLOSE option if the agent does not have the ability to close tickets
  • Tweak: Moved some options around the SETTINGS screen to more logical areas


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