How To Create A Simple “Pay-Per-Ticket” Support Form

November 21, 2016 | Tips, Tutorials

A common request is to be able to use Awesome Support as a "paid support" ticketing platform. In other words, the user pays for support - either on a monthly subscription basis or pay-per-ticket basis.  This article shows you how to set up a simple pay-per-ticket support form.  However, if you have subscriptions or need more powerful integration with a ticketing platform, you can look to our own PAID SUPPORT FOR WOOCOMMERCE specialty add-on.

What You Need

In order to make this idea work you will need an Awesome Support add-on as well as a 3rd party form maker.


1. First, create your Gravity Form order form.  It should look something like this:


You can download this sample form here.

Our sample form uses the STRIPE add-on for Gravity Forms.  You will have to configure your payment processor for your installation.

2. Add your new Gravity Form to a new page - it should look something like this:


3. Map the form in the Gravity Forms Add-on.  Your mappings should include the following:

[Common Fields]

  • Content: Required
  • Subject/Title: Required
  • Email: Required

[Form Settings]

  • Allow Create User: Checked
  • Include Unmapped Fields: Checked

Your configuration will now look similar to the following:



You should now be able to go to the page you set up on Step 2 to enter a new ticket request along with your payment details!  Our basic form looks like this on the front end.



That's all there is to it.  You can add fields to ask for specific information such as Processor, Windows Versions etc.  Any field you add on the form will show up in the body of the opening ticket post!

The total cost will be your time plus about $300 for Gravity Forms (Developer Edition) and our Gravity Forms Add-on.  That's a whole lot less than hiring a developer to custom develop a solution!


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