New Extension: Gravity Forms

December 3, 2016 | New Product Announcements

One of the most popular requests we have received has been to integrate with Gravity Forms so that users can create custom ticket forms.  We are elated to announce a new add-on that fulfills this request.

With the new Gravity Forms extension you can create completely custom NEW TICKET, TICKET REPLY and TICKET ADMINISTRATION forms!


Key Features

  • Create multiple forms that map to Awesome Support transactions and use them anywhere on your website
  • Custom Gravity Forms fields can be automatically included in the body of the ticket or can be mapped to custom fields created inside Awesome Support.
  • Includes 6+ Sample Gravity Forms along with instructions for use
  • Can populate your Gravity Forms form with data from Awesome Support (for example, create a dropdown of Products or Departments)

This is the MOST COMPLETE Gravity Forms interface you will find among any WordPress Help Desk plugins – nothing else even comes close!

  • Supports all key fields in Awesome Support including any custom fields you define.
  • Store all data you collect in a form inside the ticket – either in separate standard and custom fields – or as text inside of a ticket or reply.
  • Store form meta data inside a ticket (such as ip address)
  • Send data BACK into a Gravity Forms form – this is useful when you want to show a list of department or products or even a list of ticket numbers!
  • Update the STATUS or STATE of a ticket
  • Set the AGENT assigned to a form – this allows you to use logic in a Gravity Forms form to determine which agent gets a ticket!
  • Comprehensive documentation with links to SAMPLE FORMS – you get 6+ sample forms
  • Much more!

What  Kind Of Ticket Forms Can You Build With This?

  • Create forms that allow you to be paid for support and automatically open a ticket when payment is complete
  • Create a different form for each department
  • Create forms that collect additional data for technical support
  • Create forms that walk users through troubleshooting steps before creating a ticket
  • Create forms that dynamically change the information requested depending on which department gets the ticket
  • Create forms that dynamically routes the ticket to different agents based on your custom logic

 Learn More And Purchase

You can read more in the documentation or purchase it here.  At an introductory cost of only $49.00 for a single-site license, its not going to break the bank and will provide you with the ability to really customize your end users support experience!



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