The Notifications Addon is Out

January 28, 2015 | Release Notes

You have been many to ask for this addon. Notifications for Awesome Support is now live. We've been working hard on bringing an add-on that's well designed and really useful and that will supercharge your WordPress support.

What Does It Do?

The Notifications addon brings your support into Slack and Pushbullet. These are the two services the addon currently integrates to. More integrations will come later and the services we add will be chosen by you. We will start with the most requested services and go on from there.

By default, the Awesome Support will send an e-mail notification to the person whose action is required. If a ticket was just opened, the assigned agent will be bugged. If the agent just replied, the customer will be bugged...

E-mail is good but it has 2 major drawbacks: it is not instant, and it is not shared.

Instant Notifications

With the Notifications addon, you can be notified instantly when your attention is required. Be it through Slack or even better, Pushbullet.

Pushbullet comes very handy for instant notifications. It is personal and... instant. Each agent can setup his own Pushbullet account and get the notifications that concern him, and him only. You won't be notified if a co-worker just replied to a ticket.

Organization-Wide Updates

Using Slack sure brings instantaneous notifications, but better than that, it allows the entire team to keep up to date with the support, especially managers and admins.

Slack Support Notifications

Slack Support Notifications

When something happens on your support, you're notified. You just need to setup an incoming integration in your Slack account and paste the webhook URL in the addon settings. Once this is done, every single thing that happens on your support will be reported in your Slack channel.



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