Custom Status VS Tags

September 12, 2016 | Tips

We recently introduced our new Custom Status Add-on for Awesome Support.  Before this extension was available, a common method for organizing tickets was to use TAGS.  So now the question becomes: when do you use a custom status vs when do you use a tag?

The answer, really, is relatively simple.

A custom status is used to represent the STATE of a ticket.  Open, Closed, Transferred, Hold, Level 1, Level 2, High Priority, Low Priority - these are all "states".  A ticket can be in one and only one state at any given time.

Tags are used to reflect the CONTENTS of a ticket.  So, maybe you have a ticket about a product that was damaged or a product that was delivered with the wrong color.  Those reflect the CONTENTS of the ticket.  They are perfect for TAGs especially since you can assign multiple tags to a ticket.

So, in summary:

  • Custom Status = Ticket State
  • Tags = Ticket Contents

Do you have a different opinion?  If so, render it in the comments below.  It always warms our hearts when we hear how our customers are using our products!


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