Lots of Bugfixes

March 17, 2015 | News

Version 3.1.5, even though a minor release, brings a lot of bugfixes and a few improvements. We've tried to fix most of the bugs that were reported by users and we're quite proud to say that there is no more issues tagged as bug in the GitHub repo. All that's left is enhancements.

No more bugs! For now...

No more bugs! For now...

We now have 74 issues closed and 20 open. Most of the remaining issues are planned for 3.2.0 which is going to be a big update. For now we have introduced a couple of new things in 3.1.5.

Better Support

First of all, we have made a small change that should improve our support quality. Until now, we didn't provide support if your WordPress install isn't in English. This has just changed. We have added a function that allows us to change the site locale for our session, which means that if we need to access your dashboard and it's not in English, we can force English just for ourselves in order to investigate your issue.

Addons Auto-Loader

This is one of the major additions. If you're planning on developing addons for Awesome Support, we now have a standardized way of loading them. The core has an auto-loader that will include all addons at the right time. Addons can be registered by wpas_register_addon().

We will soon publish a boilerplate for developing addons which will make this task much easier and much faster.

Admin Notices

The plugin now has a small API to handle admin notices and easily dismiss them.

Filters Hooks

We have also introduced a couple of new useful hooks for plugin customization.


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