The Most Versatile WordPress Helpdesk Plugin

August 26, 2015

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Built for WordPress

If you’re using WordPress for your business’s website and you want to be able to respond to your clients requests quickly and professionally, then you should consider using Awesome Support.

Our plugin is most certainly the most flexible WordPress Helpdesk plugin out there. It's easy to use for basic users, but advanced users can do pretty much anything thanks to the many hooks and filters.

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Built for Speed

WordPress help-desk plugins that rely on third-party services like Zendesk, Help Scout or Freshdesk drastically affects the page load time. Why? Most of these plugin do not advantage of the WordPress way of doing things...

Under the hood, these help-desk plugin do not use WordPress. Instead, they rely on their own technology and infrastructure. Therefore, most of these plugins will load multiple resources from their own servers.

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A trending helpdesk plugin

Statistically, Awesome Support is the fastest growing WordPress help desk plugin. Don't take it for our word, let's have a look at the downloads and ratings on

  1. Awesome Support: 1,000+ Active Installs
  2. Freshdesk Official: 400+ Active Installs
  3. HappyFox Helpdesk: 20+ Active Installs

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Actively maintained on Github

Since it's rewrite in the fall of 2014, we put lots of efforts into improvements and bug fixes.
We're also thankful to have a few contributors who helped making this helpdesk plugin better.
We're committed to improving the code quality and fixing bugs as soon as they are discovered.



Constant Code Improvements

We also started to use Scrutinizer CI on May 20th 2015, the code quality has never ceased to improve.
In fact, our rating (6.41) is slightly better than popular plugins such as WooCommerce.
Our code is legible, flexible and compliant.



Our happy helpdesk users

Are you still undecided? To help you make a decision and
pick the most suitable helpdesk plugin for WordPress for your business,
check out these reviews from our users:

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