Prettify The Awesome Support Admin Screens With 3rd Party Themes

April 14, 2017 | Tips

Awesome Support was designed to integrate smoothly into the WordPress admin console.  Unlike other products, very few visual enhancements are included so the Awesome Support screens look and feel just like most other core WordPress screens.

But, as you will probably agree, core WordPress screens are a little lacking; some would even say its downright ugly.  But because Awesome Support plays nicely with the Admin console of WordPress its very easy for tools to apply themes to it.

So lets explore one way to spruce up the Admin screens.

The Legacy White Label WordPress Admin Theme

Because we use our own styles very sparingly just about any Admin theme tool will work.  Our favorite right now is LEGACY from Themepassion.  Unfortunately its only available as a paid plugin with a split license provided by CodeCanyon (not quite open-source).

The transformation is quite radical!  You go from this:

to this in an instant!

There are over 20 different pre-built themes included - most are very similar with the variations being the color combinations used.  Check out some other key areas of Awesome Support when its themed:

From what we can tell it is the most complete Admin theme tool available - affecting virtually every area of the WordPress admin dashboard.  We could not find any incompatibility with Awesome Support.  However, there are probably going to be other plugins that attempt to throw their own theme on the dashboard and that is likely to cause issues.  If you're not using one of those then you should probably pick up this tool - it makes working with the WordPress Admin dashboard a lot more pleasant!


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