Canned Responses Version 3.0: A Major Feature Update

September 23, 2018 | News, Release Notes

It has been a while since we've added new features to our Canned Responses add-on.  With this release we aim to make up for lost time though.  Here is what you can look forward to in this new update:

Assign and Filter Canned Responses By Categories

This module has always been about simplicity - one-click and two-click responses to customer inquiries.  But, for power-users with dozens or hundreds of canned responses, this simplicity was nowhere near enough.

So, with this release you can:

Assign a category to a response

Filter Canned Responses by Category and Tag

Filter the canned responses buttons when in the reply area to quickly locate down the one you need:

Color-code Responses

You can now add a color to the canned-response buttons you use most often which makes it easier to navigate to and select your most used one-click responses:

Search For A Response

When you have a large set of responses it can take a while to locate the one you want so we have made it easy to search through the list:

Customize The One-Click List

With this new release you can control which canned response show up as a quick-response button.  The rest can be located using the new search feature:


  • One-click response buttons are now sorted alphabetically
  • Improved performance by not sending the entire canned response document to the browser immediately


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