Awesome Support 3 Beta is Out

November 25, 2014 | News, Release Notes

After month of hard work, we are finally releasing the first beta version of Awesome Support 3. It's been a (very) long journey for us to get here and we're really excited about what we've done with the plugin. We know what users like and what they don't on version 2 thanks to the precious feedback we got, but v3 is entirely new and might have drawbacks we didn't think of yet. This is where you come in: if you feel adventurous enough, play as much as you want with this beta version and tell us everything about it! We will be really happy to hear your thoughts.

You can download the plugin from the GitHub repo: Download

For reporting bugs and issues, please use GitHub:

If there is good feedback and interested testers, we might have a chat session or two. We'd really love to actually talk to our testers :)

Finally, there is a public roadmap available. If you want to see what we have planned for Awesome Support, it is the place to go:

If you have never heard of Awesome Support before you can read a bit of history here:


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