Version 3.2 is Out

September 16, 2015 | News, Release Notes

Finally, after lots of coding, Awesome Support version 3.2 is out.

This new version brings a lot of changes. Bugfixes, improvements, optimizations... We've added a number of feature requests. Here is a quick overview of the major changes.

Powerful Custom Fields

The custom fields module has been completely rewritten to make it even more powerful and reliable. Custom fields are now easier than ever to extend and theming becomes possible.

More field types have been added (see the full list here) and more will come. This makes it much easier to add custom fields to your submission forms. No more custom coding for a simple dropdown select.

HTML5 patterns were also added. A simple option in the custom field declaration will let you specify a regex for HTML5 validation.

Improved Auto-Assignment

Auto-assignment is still simple (based on who has the least tickets open), but it is now possible to manually select which admin / agent can be assigned. This means that if you have an admin on your helpdesk that's not supposed to handle support, you can just remove him from the auto-assignment process.

Multiple Submission Forms

Awesome Support now allows for multiple ticket submission form. Also, all fields can be pre-populated using URL arguments.

Let's imagine that you want one submission form to be pre-set for a specific product and type, it could be as simple as linking to the form with a URL like

Ticket Details Pagination

If your tickets generally generate lots of replies you'll be thrilled. Instead of showing all 1000 replies in only one page, replies are now paginated. The default shows 10 replies per page, but you can change that in the plugin settings.

Ticket Details Paginated Replies

Ticket Details Paginated Replies

More Translations

Awesome Support is now translated in almost 10 languages. Many thanks to all of you who contributed to it. If you want to translate the plugin in your language, you can check out the Transifex project:

If you want to see the full changelog, you can see it on


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