Top 10 New Features In Awesome Support 4.0.

May 13, 2017 | New Product Announcements, News, Release Notes

We just pushed a major free update to the repository with over 40 enhancements, fixes and tweaks.  But, we figured you might prefer a top 10 list instead of reading through an exhaustive list of everything that's in the new version.

In no particular order, here are the top 10 new features (at least in our opinion)

  • Substantially improved sorting and filtering in the main ticket list - this includes sorting and filtering on most custom fields
  • Basic time tracking fields - your agents can now record the time they spent on a ticket
  • A color-coded, fully customizable priority label - and you can set your own priority labels with no practical limit to the number of labels
  • Allow up to two additional agents to formally work on a ticket and be notified of ticket events
  • Back-end custom fields (custom fields that only agents and admins can see)
  • Read-only custom fields (agents are not allowed to change data in these fields)
  • Channel field to help you track WHERE a ticket originated (eg: email, front-end, phone call, social media etc.)
  • New security capability to assign the "view all tickets" capabilities to certain agents/roles without having to turn it on for all agents
  • Three new options for specifying the ticket slug - includes options for using a random number and a GUID.
  • New options for controlling where you go after an agent replies to a ticket - stay on the ticket screen, move to the next ticket or go back to the ticket list.

You can view the full feature list along with some screen shots here:


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