Temporarily Removed from WordPress.org [Edit – its been restored.]

November 16, 2017 | News

[Edit: The plugin has been restored - that was fast - within a couple of hours after we informed them of the new release]

We received a notice today from the folks at WordPress.org that our plugin was removed because it was found to be "in violation of the directory guidelines".

The objection that the reviewers noted was minor and not related to security in any way. They objected to the contents of a little used area of the codebase - the log file viewer that we use to review log files from time-to-time when logged into your website for trouble-shooting.  They did not like the way some code used to queue up some javascript worked.

As a practical matter, there would have been no effect on the operation of the plugin unless a user actually went to the log viewer tab in an effort to debug an issue.

We have removed the code that they objected to and submitted the plugin again so now it's a waiting game.  In the meantime if you need a copy of the plugin you can find it here.

The full text of their letter is below:

To their credit the code was faulty but, in our opinion should not have been cause for complete removal of the plugin.  Still, it's their directory with their guidelines so well within their rights to do whatever they feel like.  Now, unfortunately, thousands of users will be getting unnecessary warning messages from security plugins about the removal which will cause a lot of unnecessary alarm and heartburn.  We're not sure that's the best way to handle non-security issues - better would have been a grace period to fix the issues.

Regardless, we hope that they review the updated plugin we submitted expeditiously.


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