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December 22, 2014

As Awesome Support is open source, we rely on the community to help make the software better.


Nigel Bahadur – Reluctant Business Manager

Nigel has no idea how he ended up being the business manager of the most feature rich WordPress Helpdesk Plugin. With less than 2 years of WordPress experience under his belt its a wonder anything gets done.

At least he has an IT background that he can fall back on when things get hairy.

This Space Is Reserved – Probably For You!

Want to work for us?  Drop us a note and let us know what you can bring to the table!

Julien Liabeuf

Julien Liabeuf – Lead Developer

Julien started working on developing Awesome Support back in March 2013. He is the lead developer of the project and he is super happy when a new contributor comes around.

Julien loves clean code and well documented functions. He knows all of the Awesome Support functions, which surprises him as he can’t remember to buy milk when going grocery shopping. You can follow Julien on Twitter and check out his work on GitHub.

Julien Vernet

Julien Vernet – Front-End Developer

Julien loves writing clean & semantic markup along with beautifully formatted LESS stylesheets. He’s a PageSpeed maniac that uses Grunt to automate his workflow (not only because he’s lazy).

With Awesome Support, Julien focused on developing a backend interface that fits well with WordPress UI and a flexible front-end theme.

You can follow him on Github or Twitter.

And our friends...

Awesome Support wouldn't be as awesome as it is without the help of our friends from around the world. Thanks to Bryce Adams, Benjamin Intal, Ninos Ego and all the other contributors. We can't thank you enough for your contributions!

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