Satisfaction Survey 2.0 – Coming Soon

November 30, 2018 | Release Notes

We're taking a page out of the playbooks of large software companies and creating a 2019 product launch event.  Except ours will last a whole quarter instead of just one day.  The launch event will see new us introducing new add-ons as well as upgrades to existing ones.  And it will all revolve around a new release of the core Awesome Support plugin.

The Satisfaction Survey add-on is among the existing ones that will be getting a number of new features and a major bump in the version number.   Here are some of the new and updated features you can look forward to:

Control Survey Types On A Ticket-by-Ticket Basis

We have added the option to disable a survey on a ticket by ticket basis.  In the Satisfaction Survey meta-box the agent will see up to three new check-boxes depending on which survey types are enabled in TICKETS->SETTINGS->SATISFACTION SURVEY.

Integration With Ticket Types

Version 5.9.0 of Awesome Support introduces the idea of a TICKET TYPE.  Satisfaction Surveys can be disabled for any Ticket Type:

This feature allows you to disable surveys for things like BUG REPORTS while still keeping them enabled for your regular support tickets.

Related Tools

The add-on will include tools (TICKETS->TOOLS->CLEAN UP) to globally reset these exclusion flags on all tickets:

Other Updates

  • The add-on now uses the new base-class that was introduced in Version 5.0 of Awesome Support.
  • Improved performance by preventing some code from running when certain survey options are turned off

And, If You Missed It...

In version 5.x of Awesome Support we provided new EMAIL templates that include the Satisfaction Survey links.  You can load them up via the TICKETS->TOOLS->CLEAN UP tab.


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