Prettify Your Awesome Support Emails

August 21, 2016 | General, Tutorials

The notification emails that Awesome Support includes are relatively basic.  This is by design - they will work even with the most basic email clients.  However, customers have often asked for "prettier" default emails.  One quick way to accomplish this without waiting for us to get around to it is by using the the Email Templates WordPress plugin.

This plugin re-formats ALL emails in WordPress automatically.  And you can design your baseline email format using the standard WordPress Customizer.

Edit October 2016:  As of version 3.3.3, there is a basic e-mail template built into Awesome Support.  To use 3rd party templates such as Email Templates you must turn off the one that is built-in.  To do this please go to TICKETS->SETTINGS->EMAILS and un-check the Use Template check-box.

When you install and activate the plugin, here is what all your emails will automatically look like - without doing anything else:


This is a lot better looking isn't it?

Changing The Look Of Your Emails

Let us take a look at how easy it is to customize this in the WordPress customizer.  Below is the first thing you'll see when you go to Appearance->Email Templates


We added our logo by clicking on the Email Header option on the left side of the customizer:


Using the Footer and e-mail body options we changed the look a little more by making the body font larger and darker and adding an "all rights reserved" message.


A real email sent via Awesome Support now look like this:


For all you designer types out there, I am sure you can do even better with a few more minutes of work.


There are a few caveats.  Obviously we don't support the plugin itself as part of the support we offer - for that you need to contact the email templates author.  Also, we've noticed that some transactional email plugins get in the way and will format emails however they like.  If that happens, one thing you can do is uninstall the transactional email plugin and install an SMTP POSTMAN plugin.  Some of these support transactional email systems directly as well as the standard SMTP protocol.

Wrap up

Will you be trying this idea on your site?  Let us know and please feel free to send your comments and thoughts our way!  And thanks for being an Awesome Support customer!

PS: If you've done extensive modifications to the standard Awesome Support emails send them our way - we'll feature as many as we can in a future article.


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