New Product: Service Level Agreements

January 24, 2018 | New Product Announcements

Today we released the first public version of Service Level Agreements. This add-on was the 3rd most requested feature-set from a survey we did last year. We're extremely excited to finally release it!

What Is It?

Service level agreements allow you to automatically set a due date for tickets based on rules that you define.  As the due date gets closer you can send alerts to the agents responsible for the tickets.  Tickets that are past due are flagged with a new label and agents and admins can easily view a list of past due and coming due tickets.

How Does It Help You Run Your Business?

Many businesses have goals for the period of time in which various ticket types should be resolved.  And sometimes, those goals are written into contracts with customers.  This add-on helps your company to more easily meet those contractual obligations.  It also allows your agents to more easily prioritize important tickets.

Due dates can be set based on priority, ticket status and other ticket attributes.  Work hours, holiday dates and cut-off times for new tickets can all be configured to ensure that due dates are as accurate as possible.

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Learn more about this new add-on on the sales page and in the documentation.


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