New Extension: Private Credentials

October 7, 2016 | New Product Announcements

For many companies the security of customer's data has moved to the top of their list of priorities.  In order to assist with this we've released a new add-on called "Private Credentials".  Frankly, we believe its the most important extension we've released in years and has real financial implications for your business operations.

What It Does

This new add-on enables your customers to enter user ids, passwords and other confidential information in a ticket where it is encrypted one or more times before being stored in the WordPress database.  With large scale hacks being reported every day, every little bit of additional security helps.  When customers see that their data is being stored in a virtual "vault" they are more likely to trust your company and your company's agents with the sensitive credentials required to provide effective support.

Why Its Worth It

Most businesses will eventually have to deal with an unauthorized intrusion.  The reputational harm that comes with an intrusion can be devastating and, possibly even a fatal blow for small businesses.  Being able to protect your customers data at multiple levels can help mitigate the cost of an intrusion.  Security is a multi-layered initiative and this add-on is one critical step in that multi-layered defense.

SSL, database and file encryption, network  and end-point firewalls and intrusion detection systems are complemented by the individual ticket level encryption of credentials provided by this add-on.

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