New Core And Add-on Releases For December 2016

December 29, 2016 | Release Notes

We are finishing 2016 with a number of updates to our CORE module along with updates to the following add-ons:

  • Notifications
  • Email Support
  • Gravity Forms

New Core Release 3.3.4

Version 3.3.4 of Awesome Support has been released.  This is primarily a maintenance release with internal updates to support upcoming add-ons and add-on enhancements

You can obtain the release via the following channels:

  • For new installations, download directly using the DOWNLOAD button at the top of our website.
  • For existing installations, go to the PLUGINS screen in your WordPress dashboard (wp-admin) and perform the upgrade there
  • For new installations you can download it from
  • Developers can pull the latest release from github

This release brings the following changes/fixes:

New Features

  • Added new actions to support attachments processing in the Gravity Forms and Email Piping add-ons.
  • Added new class to support attachements processing from add-ons.


  • Added new actions to support attachments processing in the Gravity Forms and Email Piping add-ons.
  • Updated this readme file to include more relevant and up-to-date information on Awesome Support.
  • Updated author names in composer.json (github repo).


  • Plugin would delete its data by default during the un-install process. Fixed to force it to respect the flag in the TICKETS->SETTINGS->Advanced tab.
  • Fix an incorrect SQL query in the WPAS_MEMBER_QUERY class
  • Check to make sure that $post is not empty before using it
  • Standards cleanup in functions-list-table.php
  • Squashed some bugs related to attachments when tickets are deleted

You can review the entire change-log history here:

Email Support

The new version of our Email Support add-on is 0.3.0.  There were two significant features added to this release:

  • The add-on now supports attachments in emails.  It strips the attachments from incoming email messages and adds them to the new ticket or new reply.
  • There are now two choices for scheduling checking the inbox.  You can use the "heartbeat" method or the "wp-cron" method.  The new default is "wp-cron".  Note that wp-cron does NOT show a notice on the dashboard when wp-admin is open. But it fires more often and more consistently. To see the message and to use the FETCH button, change to the jQuery Hearbeat method and save.
  • Tweak: Add an option to check for messages every 60 seconds.  This is useful when testing your site.

Gravity Forms

The latest version of Gravity Forms brings you support for attachments.  Your Gravity Forms form can now include one or more attachment fields.  There is an option in the add-on that will tell it to copy any attachments in the form into the ticket.


Version 0.2.0 of the Notifications add-on includes two significant new features:

  • You can now send notifications based on status changes.  Combined with our Custom Status add-on this enhancement enables you to notify selected parties of any change in status that is important to your operations. For example, you can notify any number of interested parties via email when a status on a ticket has changed to "Critical".
  • You can now send email notifications.  This makes it easy to notify third parties who are not directly associated with a ticket.  For example, a business owner can be notified via email when a ticket is opened or closed even though they are not an agent on the ticket.

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