Documentation: Awesome Support Core: Troubleshooting

Awesome Support Core: Troubleshooting

Dated: 04 Sep 2016

Getting the System Status Report

If you’re having difficulties with the plugin, or if something isn’t working as it should, you might be asked by our support team to provide your System Status Report. This is very easy to do. Just follow those 3 simple steps:

  1. Log into your WordPress administration
  2. Click Tickets > Tools
  3. You can now see the System Status on your screen. Click the Copy Report button (top left hand corner) and paste it wherever you’ve been asked to

System Status

How to fix "You do not have the capacity to open a new ticket"

Normally, when a user registers through the plugin, he is given the role Support User. This role has special capabilities.

If your users get the error message “You do not have the capacity to open a new ticket”, it means that they don’t have the special capabilities.

Here you have two choices:

  1. Change all your users’ role to Support User
  2. Give the role you want to use (eg. Subscriber) the special capabilities

If you don’t know how to add new capabilities to a role, I suggest you use a plugin like User Role Manager and give the desired role the following capabilities:

  • view_ticket
  • create_ticket
  • close_ticket
  • reply_ticket
  • attach_files

Do not give your users more than those 5 capabilities, otherwise they could get administrative privileges.

How to remove the plugin's data after uninstall?

If you want to delete the plugin and all of its data, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to Tickets → Settings
  2. Locate the Advanced tab
  3. Check the Delete Data option
  4. Hit the Save Changes button


Only then the data will be removed from the database during the uninstall process.

What to do when a plugin's page is 404 “Not Found”?

Don’t worry, this is an easy fix. Follow the guide below to refresh your permalinks:

  1. Login to your Dashboard
  2. Go to Settings → Permalinks
  3. Click Save Changes
  4. That’s it!

If your problem still persist, please reach out to us and we’ll do our best to help you.

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