The Truth About One Star Reviews

Recently we got slammed on with a couple of back-to-back one-star reviews.  Which got me thinking about the purpose of them.  The official line from the powers-that-be is that reviews are supposed to be helpful to developers. Yet, the...

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New Support Partnership With ValiusWP

There are many instances where we receive requests for help that is only tangentially related to our products.  Or, in some cases, not related to our products at all! Whenever we received these kinds of requests, we always wished that we could confidently direct users...

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Choosing A WordPress Support System That Suits You

When it comes to choosing a WordPress support system for your business, you better be picky. Why? Comparing the features of the different support plugins isn't enough. There are many other criteria that you should take into consideration.  On our site we have provided...

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