Awesome Support Detailed Features Grid

Unlimited ticketsCore (Free)Download
Unlimited agentsCore (Free)Download
Multiple rolesCore (Free)Download
5 roles installed by default (support user, supervisor, manager, agent, vendor)
Fine-grained WordPress capabilitiesCore (Free)Download
Submit tickets from adminCore (Free)Download
Agents can only view their tickets (option)Core (Free)Download
Agents can view all tickets (option)Core (Free)Download
Admins can view all tickets (option)Core (Free)Download
Automatic email notificationsCore (Free)Download
Edit email notificationsCore (Free)Download
Upload multiple filesCore (Free)Download
Add tags to ticketsCore (Free)Download
Sort and filter the main ticket screenCore (Free)Download
Automatic assignment to agentCore (Free)Download
One core algorithm only
Allow or disallow registrationsCore (Free)Download
View only open ticketsCore (Free)Download
Multiple productsCore (Free)Download
Multiple departmentsCore (Free)Download
Terms and conditions checkboxCore (Free)Download
On registration page only
Mailgun email validationCore (Free)Download
Color codingCore (Free)Download
Transfer ticket to agentCore (Free)Download
Allow multiple agents to work a ticketCore (Free)Download
Requires all agents to see all tickets option turned on.
Custom FieldsCore (Free)Download
Requires some simple coding - see user manual
Make certain fields mandatoryCore (Free)Download
Requires some simple coding - see user manual
Compatible with 99% of themesCore (Free)Download
Basic styling to not conflict with complex themes
Responsive designCore (Free)Download
Basic Safe HTML formatting of ticket content and replyCore (Free)Download
ShortcodesCore (Free)Download
Make any page a ticket page
TranslationCore (Free)Download
Public translation projects at PoEditor and Transifix
Open tickets by emailAdd-on: Email SupportView Add-on
Reply to tickets by emailAdd-on: Email SupportView Add-on
Automatically create new accounts for emailed ticketsAdd-on: Email SupportView Add-on
Prevent tickets from being reopened by emailAdd-on: Email SupportView Add-on
Allow non-registered users to open ticketsAdd-on: Guest TicketsView Add-on
Automatically close old ticketsAdd-on: Automatic Ticket CloseView Add-on
Multiple warning messages before closing ticketsAdd-on: Automatic Ticket CloseView Add-on
Pre-written responses for common questionsAdd-on: Canned ResponsesView Add-on
Unlimited customized statuses for ticketsAdd-on: Custom StatusView Add-on
Make internal notes on ticketsAdd-on: Private NotesView Add-on
Transfer ticket to agent with internal notesAdd-on: Private NotesView Add-on
Easy Digital Downloads integrationAdd-on: EDDView Add-on
WooCommerce integrationAdd-on: WooCommerceView Add-on
Envato integrationAdd-on: Envato ValidationView Add-on
Create frequently asked questions from ticketAdd-on: FAQView Add-on
Store uploaded files on 3rd party serversAdd-on: FilestackView Add-on
Allow users to upload files from dropbox, gmail etc.Add-on: FilestackView Add-on
Mailchimp - sign up new support users to your email listAdd-on: MailchimpView Add-on
Get notified of ticket events in SLACKAdd-on: NotificationsView Add-on
Get notified of tickets via SMSAdd-on: NotificationsView Add-onRequires a PUSHBULLET account
Notify 3rd parties of ticket events (via email)Add-on: NotificationsView Add-on
Security - Encrypt private data such as passwordsAdd-on: Private CredentialsView Add-on
Security - Automatically erase private data when ticket is closedAdd-on: Private CredentialsView Add-on
Send automatic user survey after ticket is closedAdd-on: Satisfaction SurveyView Add-on
Automatic agent assignment based on departmentAdd-on: Smart AgentView Add-on
Automatic agent assignment based on productAdd-on: Smart AgentView Add-on
Automatic agent assignment based on agent working hoursAdd-on: Smart AgentView Add-on
Form builder For New TicketsAdd-on: Gravity FormsView Add-on
Form Builder For New RepliesAdd-on: Gravity FormsView Add-on
Visual Designer For Custom FieldsAdd-on: Custom FieldsView Add-onNo coding required to create custom fields
Report Snippets in Admin ConsoleAdd-on: Report WidgetsView Add-on
Create public tickets that can be searchedAdd-on: Public TicketsView Add-on
Create private ticketsAdd-on: Public TicketsView Add-on
Ticket LockAdd-on: ProductivityView Add-on
Ticket MergeAdd-on: ProductivityView Add-on