Awesome Support Turns 2 !

May 1, 2015 | News, Promotions

Today, Awesome Support turns 2. It's been a long journey since version 1.0 and so many things have changed.

The plugin was initially developed for our internal use at ThemeAvenue. After the development was completed we decided to try our luck on CodeCanyon, and it turned out there was a lot more demand than we expected.

During the CodeCanyon period, we sold over 1000 copies of the plugin and got great feedback. We went from a very simple product in version 1 to something a lot more powerful. We've released 34 version, the last one being 2.1.4.

In 2014, we decided to change everything. We've taken the plugin out of CodeCanyon and started distributing the core for free. We've adopted a "freemium" model by selling addons to extend the core plugin's features. Feedback is still good on this new version and we currently have 1000+ active installs of the plugin.

To celebrate this new milestone we've just reached, we are offering a 50% discount on all addons from today, May 1st, until May 8th. 50% discount for one entire week.

There is no discount code, this discount will automatically apply to your purchase. Just add addons to your cart and the magic will happen during checkout.

We wish you all a happy Awesome Support day :)


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