Amp Up Your Users Account Security With PINS

April 13, 2018 | New Product Announcements, Security

How do you verify that the person you're having a phone or chat conversation with is indeed the person associated with the users support account? You could ask them for all sorts of personal information.  Or you could just ask them for their account PIN - which is the purpose of our new PINS add-on for Awesome Support.

A PIN (personal identification number) is a 4 digit value that is only accessible when a user is logged into an account.  If you are given a good PIN, you can be reasonable sure that the person has access to the support account.  Of course, it is not foolproof since the account could be hacked.  But at least with a PIN you know that whomever you're speaking with has access to the support account and, therefore, has a higher probability of being an authorized user on the account.

With this function the Awesome Support PINS extension adds an additional layer of security around your end users accounts.  If you routinely offer support via PHONE or CHAT and you need to discuss sensitive information, then requesting a PIN is an additional piece of information that you can use to verify that the user is indeed an authorized user on the account.

Easy To Use

Despite the emphasis on security, the module is surprisingly easy to use.  Once activated, the admin can generate PINS for all users with just a single click.

After PINS are generated the module can be turned on in your SETTINGS screen which allow users and agents to view and validate PINs.

Users have the option to view their PIN directly in their ticket dashboard:

And, of course, its very easy for them to view or reset their pin:

Easy Verification

It is very easy for agents to verify a users PIN:

Easy Reset

If your website is compromised or suspected of being compromised you can easily reset all users PINS by simply changing the encryption key.  Any PIN validation request after the key is changed will result in an INVALID status until all PINS are re-generated with the new key.

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Wrap Up

If you conduct a lot of support outside of the regular ticket process - such as via phone, chat or email - then you need to add this extension to your arsenal of security defense tools.  Your users will thank you for it.  You can obtain it directly from the PINS product page in our store.


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