Easy Digital Downloads

Let your customers open new tickets with just one click from their EDD account screen. Optionally validate license keys.

The Easy Digital Downloads add-on adds support for both EDD, the Software Licensing add-on and the Frontend Submission add-on. When using this add-on, your EDD clients will automatically be granted permissions to submit support tickets.

To make it easy for your clients to get help about one of their purchases, they can open a ticket directly from their purchase history.

Get Help

Clicking “Get Help” will lead them to a pre-filled submission form where they just have to tell you about their problem, select a product and a license key from a dropdown list (if you use the Software Licensing addon).

Software Licensing

The Software Licensing integration adds two extra fields to the ticket submission form prompting for the order number and the product license. The product license is verified upon submission and a ticket can only be submitted with a valid and active license key.

Awesome Support EDD Addon

On the admin side of things, the ticket details screen will give you useful insight on the ticket and the purchase. You’ll be able to see the purchase details right away.

Purchase Details Purchase Details

If your shop has a time-based refund policy, which is quite often the case, you can set the number of days after which the purchase can be refunded. A visual indication will then tell you if the purchase is still in the “refund period”.

AS EDD Purchase Refund

Also, if your clients request help through the EDD purchase history page, the ticket submission form will be pre-filled with the order number and only the appropriate license keys will be displayed.

Frontend Submission

With the Frontend Submission integration, your vendors will be able to manage support tickets without the need of a separate agent user account.

Even better, you can decide, for each vendor, if incoming tickets related to a vendor product should be assigned to this vendor automatically.


Other Features

  • Control which license states are allowed to submit tickets – active, inactive, expired or any combination of the three.
  • Change the label text for the order number and license fields on the ticket entry form.
  • Change the description text for the order number and license fields on the ticket entry form.

Purchase options

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

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Basic System Requirements

  • WordPress Version 4.9 or later
  • Awesome Support Version 5.8.0 or later
  • PHP 7.1 (7.3 or later recommended)

Additional Requirements

  • EDD 2.7.x
  • EDD FES 2.5.x (Optional)


Documentation coming soon

Purchase options

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

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Recurring Subscription Notification

The pricing for this (and most other add-ons) is set as a subscription by default. However, you are free to cancel the recurring subscription at any time – you will still be entitled to the one year of free updates and support from the time of your last payment. The software will generally continue to work without additional payments. However, you should be aware that, as with all software, a future update of any of WordPress / Awesome Support Free Core could include a breaking change. At that time, if you are not on a subscription plan, you will need to purchase a new license to obtain the compatibility updates necessary for the product to continue to work.

To cancel your subscription:

  • Credit card or stripe users- just go to your MY ACCOUNT page on our website.
  • Paypal users - cancel from directly inside your Paypal account.

This notice does not apply to service products such as custom programming or to free plugins.

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  • Fix: The submit ticket button was not working after redirection from the purchase history page.


  • Fix: Latest version of software licensing now includes a new status - 'site_inactive' that needs to be handled.


  • Fix: Allow certain options to be blog specific when running on multi-site.
  • Fix: Spelling error


Warning: Please test this new version in your development/staging environment before moving into production.  There were some breaking changes as described below.
  • Enh: Added customer lifetime value to ticket EDD metabox
  • Enh: Added a link to the EDD customer profile in the ticket EDD metabox
  • Enh: When software licensing is in use, added the license status next to the license key in the license key dropdown.
  • Enh: Selecting a product on the ticket page will automatically restrict the ORDER NUMBER and LICENSE drop-down to values that contain that product.
  • Enh: Selecting an order number on the ticket page will automatically restrict the the LICENSE drop-down to values that apply to that order
  • Enh: Selecting a license (when EDD Licensing is enabled) will automatically populate the ORDER NUMBER and PRODUCT fields
  • Enh: Added options to treat inactive and expired licenses as being valid for support
  • Enh: Added option for admin to change titles and description of edd order number and description fields.
  • Fix: Handle unknown license validation error
  • Fix: Change license verification logic to handle single product case
  • Fix: Refund policy was not being displayed correctly - it always showed as expired.
  • Dev: Added new debug option in TICKETS->SETTINGS to show/not show the term ids and post ids used in the license dropdown field.

1.0.6 - February 1st, 2017

  • Enh: Clean up translation catalog, textdomains and add to POEDITOR.com
  • Fix: Force use of HTTPS when FORCE_SSL_ADMIN is set to true


  • Version number skipped - no public release.

1.0.4 - July 20, 2016

  • Fix compatibility issue with EDD Software Licenses

1.0.3 - May 27, 2016

  • Update deprecated method for admin notice dismissal
  • Fix issue with "Don't use other users orders" error
  • Fix issue with EDD FES where vendors couldn't access the dashboard anymore
  • Fix wrong link to license page

1.0.2 - January 26, 2016

  • Fix wrong item price in the EDD metabox in admin view and add order total amount

1.0.1 - October 22, 2015

  • Couple of stability improvements


  • First release