Powerful Extensions That Complement Your Free Awesome Support Plugin

Save Up To 80% With Bundles!

The Standard Bundle of add-ons is perfect for a smaller business or a start up business and includes the most popular add-ons for a single discounted price – you save 30% over purchasing individual add-ons. You save even more if you purchase one of the multi-site options – 36% for 5 sites and over 50% for unlimited sites.

If you only have one or two agents then this bundle is a great starting point.

The Professional Bundle of add-ons is perfect for growing businesses, businesses with multiple agents, operations with a higher volume of tickets per day or businesses that use WooCommerce, Envato or Easy Digital Downloads.

The bundle includes the most popular add-ons as well as the add-ons that are the greatest contributor to agent productivity. And you get it all for a single discounted price – you save 50% over purchasing individual add-ons. You save even more (over 50%) if you purchase one of the multi-site options.

The Enterprise Bundle of add-ons was designed for larger businesses such as:

1. Businesses with multiple departments
2. Businesses with multiple agents
3. Businesses with multiple support channels
4. Businesses that uses WooCommerce, Envato or Easy Digital Downloads
5. Businesses that have unique or non-standard workflows or
6. Businesses with a vested interest in higher than average security

The bundle includes the majority of our add-ons priced at a 55% discount for a single site. You save even more (over 65%) if you purchase one of the multi-site options.

The Agency Bundle is our most comprehensive bundle and includes a key benefit not available in other bundles: It automatically includes all FUTURE add-ons. This means that forth-coming add-ons such as Issue Tracking and Service Level Agreements are all included in this bundle..

This bundle is primarily for businesses that service multiple customers on the WordPress platform or Enterprise Level businesses.
The bundle includes all of our add-ons priced at a 55-65% discount compared to unlimited site licenses for each add-on.

The Gravity Forms add-on for Awesome Support allows you to create just about any version of a new ticket screen or reply screen that you can imagine. You can then submit all or a portion of the data back to a new or existing Awesome Support ticket.

This add-on is THE most powerful gravity forms integration available for a WordPress help-desk plugin!

The Custom Fields add-on for Awesome Support enable regular users to easily add new fields to the ticket form. By default the regular ticket form contains the minimum number of fields required to open a support ticket. But there are instances where collecting additional information from the end user is useful. The custom fields add-on provides a simple but powerful interface that you can use to add new fields to the default ticket form.

Email piping allows emails sent to an email address to be automatically imported into the support ticket system. As a result clients can reply to tickets via email without the need to login to the support system first.

Do you charge your customers for support tickets – either on a one-off basis or subscription basis? If so, then you definitely need this super-premium add-on. Use it to create support subscriptions or charge for one-off ticketing support. Tightly integrated with WooCommerce and WooCommerce subscriptions, you have the most powerful WordPress e-commerce solution backing your store integrated with the most powerful WordPress help-desk plugin available today.

This add-on allows users to enter a ticket without having an account on the system. This can help to create less friction in the support process and is suitable for a large variety of customer support organizations.

The extension accepts the ticket data and automatically:

– Creates an account
– Creates the ticket
– Logs the user out and redirects to a thank-you page

Users with email addresses that are already registered are prompted to login before creating a ticket.

Do you need a way to manage tickets that have been abandoned by users? How many times have you had to go through your ticket list to manually close out tickets that a user has not bothered to respond to?

This plugin can help. It allows you to automatically create and send warning emails as well as automatically close tickets – all based on sophisticated rules centered around the age and status of a ticket.

Successful businesses run on data. So how would you like to see an immediate data snapshot of your support operations as soon as you log into your WordPress administration area? With this add-on you can get that snapshot!

Key data widgets include:

– Open and closed tickets
– Open tickets by status
– Most recent tickets
– Open tickets by agent and ticket age
– Open tickets by product and ticket age
– Closed tickets by ticket age
– Closed tickets by agent and ticket age
– Closed tickets by product and ticket age

Customers tend to post private data in support tickets – whether you want them to or not! From credit card numbers and passwords to health information – they inadvertently post private data in a medium that is not fully encrypted. With this add-on however, you can collect sensitive information and store them encrypted in your database. Configurable with up to two additional layers of encryption, you can provide a safer environment for your users to provide sensitive information.

This add-on is a must-have for any company serious about it’s help-desk operations and serious about maintaining the security of their customers information.

Automatically send a survey to your customers when a ticket is closed. Make sure that your customers are satisfied with the help you give them!

If you have multiple agents with different skill sets or working different departments then this add-on is for you. It allows you to select from 5 different algorithms to intelligently route incoming tickets to the proper support department or personnel. The larger your organization, the more urgently you need this add-on!

Add 50+ additional features to your Awesome Support Help Desk. Your agents will track and close tickets even faster with functions such as locking tickets, merging and splitting, additional security and more customization options!

Reduce your average cost per ticket closed with this add-on that includes a variety of tweaks and functions to help your agents track and close tickets faster than ever!

The easier you make it for agents to handle tickets the more profits will flow to your bottom line so get this extension today!

Create an unlimited number of statuses, all color coded for ease of use. Fully integrated into the Awesome Support plugin user interface, this add-on makes it easy to view tickets that are important to you at a single glance.

Have you ever wanted to use your tickets as a knowledge base that your users can search for answers? Now you can!

A public searchable archive of your old tickets can reduce the number of tickets you get as many customers are already conditioned to search for information before sending a support request.

The Public Tickets add-on for Awesome Support allows you reduce the cost by support by allowing you to create a searchable archive of selected tickets that your users can access at any time.

Have you ever wanted to collect tickets on sites that are not your own site? Or maybe you wanted to collect tickets from sub-sites on a multi-site network while maintaining one central database of tickets. With the Remote Tickets add-on you can do exactly that.

This add-on allow you to create unlimited Javascript Widgets that can be installed on any website – these sites do not even have to be WordPress sites!

The Awesome Support Documentation add-on fills a critical piece of your support infrastructure – end-user documentation that your users will love. And a tool that your agents can use directly inside of a ticket reply – without constantly switching browser tabs or applications.

Click through to view the screen images of how great your documentation can become.

The Awesome Support Service Level Agreement module allows you to calculate a due date for tickets based on your contractual obligations to your customers.  Each customer can have a different contractual due date and that due date can be overridden based on the priority, status or channel that the ticket arrived on.

This add-on helps you to easily manage multiple tickets that are related to the same issue.

Product recalls, persistent software bugs and major project implementation milestones are just some of the types of issues that this add-on can help you handle with ease.

Tired of getting tickets about the same problems over and over? Drastically reduce the number of frequently asked questions with the FAQ addon.

Connect your e-commerce shop with your helpdesk. The EDD addon helps you easily link product, order, license key and ticket together.

Integrate any 3rd party FAQ that uses WordPress Custom Post Types into Awesome Support. 3rd party FAQ systems will be integrated into the front-end and the admin areas of Awesome Support. This helps to reduce the number of tickets that are opened as well as reduce the amount of time that your agents spend responding to tickets with common questions.

Awesome Support WooCommerce (ASWC) provides the much-needed bridge between your WooCommerce store and the Awesome Support ticket system.

This add-on enables you to host attachments on a third-party service called Filepicker, instead of on your own server.
Filepicker offers a sleek upload interface and will prevent you from overloading your server.

The Notifications add-on will keep you up to date with your support anytime, anywhere. You decide on which action(s) you want to be notified and where. Every time something happens on your support, you are instantly notified.

The MailChimp addon adds a new checkbox to the registration form prompting new users to subscribe to your newsletter. This is a great way to feed your mailing lists.

This add-on enables you to add notes to a ticket that clients won’t see. You can use these notes as reminders or to give other agents insights into the ticket issue. This is particularly useful when transferring a ticket to another agent.

With the Envato Validation addon, you can limit tickets submissions to your actual clients.
Without a valid purchase code, clients won’t be able to submit a new ticket.

A feature that’ll drastically boost your agent’s productivity. This allows agents to easily create and use canned responses. You have the ability to use tags to customize your canned response.

Infuse some Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your help-desk and support operations. 

Integrate with Facebook Messenger and send automatic responses directly to Facebook Messenger user. Or show a chat-bot on your own site.

The current pace of AI and ML is making these technologies more accessible via SAAS platforms. In order to tap into these new capabilities we’ve created this add-on which uses these new platforms to bring enormous benefits directly to your help-desk.

Powerful rules based ticket-handling is the domain of this add-on to the Awesome Support WordPress Helpdesk Plugin. It follows a TRIGGER->CONDITIONS->ACTIONS paradigm.

Set your rule triggers, select the conditions that must be met in order to trigger an action and then select the actions that will be performed.

Actions include pushing data to Zapier, sending emails, switching status and much more!

Do you run a support operation with multiple agents and need to track performance and other metrics? If so, this is the add-on you need. Six key core reports combined with a second dimension and filters on all elements provide hundreds of report options.

Do you routinely bill or invoice your customers for the time spent on a ticket? If so, you need our Time Tracking and Invoicing add-on. Track time spent on each ticket by each agent and each reply. Provide detailed reports to your admins on how much time is spent on each ticket. Choose to record time automatically or manually. There is no other WordPress Helpdesk and Support plugin that offers such a high level of features, functions, flexibility and tight integration with a time-and-billing module.

This FREE add-on implements a REST API for Awesome Support.

This add-on allows you to import your tickets from ZENDESK, HELPSCOUT and TICKSY.