6 Enterprise Level Features In Awesome Support

April 25, 2018 | Enterprise, Tips

Awesome Support is a little gem in the WordPress world - it is simple enough that users can get started in 5 mins but has enough depth of functionality that it can serve even the largest enterprises.

Below is a list of six features that enterprise level users expect from help-desk systems - and which Awesome Support can easily deliver upon.

1. Customizable Rules

Enterprise users manage a LOT of tickets consisting of multiple departments, products and agents.  The volume of tickets mean that it is impractical to involve a human being in basic ticket handling and routing.

In many cases, enterprise have dozens or even hundreds of agents working different shifts, some of whom have very specific specialties.  These specialist agents are best utilized handling only certain types of tickets.

Customizable rules help these types of companies to automate handling and routing of new tickets, escalations of existing tickets and monitoring of open tickets that take too long to resolve.

Learn more about the Awesome Support Rules Engine

2. Service Level Agreements

Many enterprises commit to resolving their customer support issues in a particular time frame.  Each issue type might have a different resolution time frame and might even vary depending on whether the ticket arrives during the day or at night.

A service level agreement module takes all these factors into account and creates a due date that can be monitored to ensure that the ticket is resolved in the agreed upon time-frame.

Learn more about the Awesome Support Service Level Agreement extension

3. AI Integration

Artificial intelligence integration can reduce the number of tickets that ultimately reaches a live agent.  Every ticket that can be resolved without involving a live agent is a direct contributor to increased profits on the bottom line.

Learn more about how Awesome Support is using AI in its add-ons

4. Agent Routing

The right ticket for the right agent at the right time - enterprises have very sophisticated routing rules for tickets.  These rules can depend on who's working, the agent skill-set, where the tickets arrived from (email, web-page etc.), the product involved and more.

Awesome Support has multiple routing tools including a SMART AGENT extension, the Rules Engine and Gravity Forms integration for custom ticket forms and direct assignment of tickets.  All of these can work in conjunction with each other to make sure that the right information is collected and transmitted to the right agent.

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5. Comprehensive Reporting

Enterprises LOVE their reports.  And Awesome Support delivers with probably the most sophisticated reporting engine among WordPress help-desk plugins.  Starting with six baseline reports, enterprises can slice and dice their ticket data to produce the exact reporting view of the data they require.

Learn more about the Advanced Reporting module in Awesome Support

5. Company Profiles (Shared Tickets)

Enterprises generally have multiple users that require access to a support account.  Our Company Profiles add-on makes this process easy.  And it allows for inter-company collaboration by allowing partners, consultants and other non-employees to also be able to open, view and reply to tickets.

More Information: Company Profiles

Bonus: Native REST API

If you don't know what a REST API is - don't worry.  Your developers love REST which means you should too!


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